Cardiac Monitor Technician


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What is Telemetry/Monitor Tech?

Who do we recommend for this program?

This is a continuing education course for graduates of a Medical Assistant or Patient Care Technician or Phlebotomy Technician or Mental Health Technician program who will acquire additional skills and may be suited for positions such as a patient monitor technician, ECG/cardiac technician or telemetry technician.

Employment Opportunities

  • Telemetry technicians, also known as monitoring technicians or cardiac monitoring technicians, are responsible for monitoring a patient’s heart activity.

  • The medical industry is in need of more telemetry technicians so a career in this field can be lucrative. The Cardiac Monitor Technician also known as Telemetry Technician course prepares students for a position within a hospital setting.  

  • The Cardiac Monitor or Telemetry Technician course is a 2-4 week long course that completely prepares students to perform the daily duties related to cardiac monitoring and telemetry.  

  • Upon completion of the 60 hours course students will receive a Monitor Technician/Telemetry Certificate. There is no State exam required, but graduates are encouraged to sit for the National exam.

Students will learn the tasks and activities that a Monitor/Telemetry Technician will be expected to perform on the job. All students are giving the tools needed to perform these duties once they complete the telemetry technician course. Duties include registering a patient, maintaining cardiac monitoring device support, educating the patient, administering cardiac tests, analyzing rhythms and processing test findings

What Can I Expect?

Course Details

When you complete the Telemetry/Monitor Technician program, you will have mastered many skills including:

  • Describe the cardiovascular system

  • Identify legal and ethical responsibilities of an EKG Monitor Technician

  • Demonstrate knowledge of, apply and use medical instrumentation modalities

  • Perform patient care techniques in the health care facility

  • Recognize normal and abnormal cardiac telemetry monitoring results

  • Describe common cardiovascular drugs, their actions, use and adverse effects

  • Set up telemetry monitoring, interpret and report abnormal rhythms to the nurse

  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate and use interpersonal skills effectively.

  • Use oral and written communication skills in creating, expressing and interpreting information

  • Perform clerical duties

  • Perform patient admission, transfer and discharge procedures

  • Prepare discharge/transfer chart for medical records/new unit

  • Demonstrate the importance of health, safety, and environmental management systems in organizations and their importance to organizational performance and regulatory compliance

  • Read, interpret, process, coordinate and transcribe physicians’ orders

  • Organize and maintain efficient work practices

Course hours: 60 (2-4 weeks)
Day class: 8am to 2pm for 2 weeks
Evening class: 5:30pm to 4:00pm for 4 week

  • Eligible Candidates: Graduates from Medical Assistant or Patient Care Technician who are already nationally certified as EKG Technician.

  • National Exam: Students are encouraged to sit for the certified rhythm analysis technician (CRAT) exam upon the completion of the course.  

  • Cost: The cost of the program is to be determined.