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Phlebotomy Technician

We offer one of the best Phlebotomy Technicianprograms in Southwest Florida. Our program is a diploma training, licensed by the Department of Education. Therefore, you will receive a diploma at the end of the program, not a completion certificate.

  • The program takes 4- 7 weeks to complete.

  • Financial Assistance available

  • Experienced Faculty

  • On-site National Certification at the end of the program

  • Low tuition. Big impact. (don't fall for 3 days training)

  • We can help you obtain your certification legitimately, efficiently and quickly!

It's easy, fast and secure.

Program Objective

Program Description

Career Opportunities

As this program mainly associates with laboratory demonstrations; this program will train students in the following:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology of body systems and medical terminology.

  • Describe phlebotomy duties and practices.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of legal and ethical issues.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of lab safety and infection control.

  • Describe the organizational structure of a laboratory.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of specimen processing and handling.

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of blood collection devices and equipment used in phlebotomy.

  • Perform proper techniques for Venipuncture, Capillary and Dermal draw.

  • Identify pre-analytical errors and factors that can affect specimen quality or have an impact on laboratory results.

  • Perform special collection procedures.

  • Demonstrate appropriate levels of interpersonal and communication skills, computer skills, documentation, and professionalism.

The course teaches different types of; blood tubes, collection procedures, laboratory values and safety, proper puncture points, basic anatomy and physiology and safety with needles, quality control, 4 hours of HIV/AIDS and basic CPR review. Upon successful completion of the requirements set forth by SWVT, the student will be able to sit for certification via a national exam organization. This exam is conducted onsite and students get the results on the same day as the exam.


Zeal offers an array of payment options, grants, and institutional payment plans. Please click here to visit our Financial assistance page and learn how you can get started.

The Phlebotomy program prepares students for employment as a Phlebotomist in a Hospital, Outpatient labs, Doctor’s office, Insurance companies, Clinical Research or Independent Medical Laboratory. Most of our graduates work for Lee Health, Lehigh Regional, NCH hospitals, Bayfront Hospital, Fawcett hospital, private doctors offices, labs, insurance companies and beyond.

Class Schedule

Day classes

Monday to Thursday  

8am to 4pm for 4 weeks

Evening classes

Monday to Thursday

5:30pm to 9:30pm for 7 weeks

A student must enroll at least 2 weeks before class starts.